Hi there I’m Shelly,

I’m a busy working mom of 3 wonderful kids who enjoys blogging on the side.  This blog provides everyday practical tips and solutions for other busy moms on making life easier while managing a home and raising children, saving time and money, making money, maintaining a work/life balance and more.  

There is no right way to run a household and raise a family and I am learning to embrace my imperfections as a mother.  But, I am also open to improvement and making my life and my family’s lives better. 

Some of the tips and advice on this blog include part of my journey of becoming a better me.  Becoming a better me has a different meaning for everyone.  For me, becoming a better me means finding ways to simplify and make my life easier, organizing my home, increasing my income, getting out of debt and raising happy children. 

In this blog I will share what I have learned on this journey, and hopefully help you with whatever your journey and goals may be.