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Do you find it difficult to find gifts for the man in your life?

It seems like it should be so simple, but it’s a big challenge for me to find gifts for my husband on occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions. He doesn’t really want anything and when he does he just goes out and gets it himself, so annoying.

If you find yourself at a loss when trying to find a gift, these 9 gift giving tips may help guide you to the perfect gift for the man in your life.  Save time, money and potential headache by checking out these tips below.


9 Gift Giving Tips for the Man in Your Life

1. Thoughtful gifts. Pay attention to subtle (or not so subtle) hints. My husband has mentioned on several occasions different landmarks in the United States he wants to visit. I got him a couple of books on landmarks across the US that he appreciated.  Think of other occasions where he may have mentioned something of interest and see what kind of things you can find that are related to it. You can find tons of ideas using search engines like Google.

2. Gifts for hobbies or a passion. If the man in your life has a hobby or a passion think of items or accessories that help facilitate that hobby or passion.  For example, does he enjoy camping, working out, or is he a gamer? Get him something he can use when doing these hobbies.  Does he collect anything? Maybe get him something to add to his collection.

3. Practical gifts. Give him something he will actually use on a regular basis. My husband actually appreciates gifts that are essential items, like socks, underwear, t-shirts and toiletries. I know, not very interesting, but that’s what he asks for on occasion.  Or think of practical things he can use at work, home or when traveling to name a few.  Also, maybe there is something that he uses often that needs an upgrade or is becoming worn out and needs to be replaced. That’s a perfect gift idea in my opinion.

4. A book. There is literally a book out there for every interest. He doesn’t have to be an avid reader. There are how to books, hobby books, books on facts and travel, etc. This is a great gift idea if there is a particular subject he is interested in or if there is something he wants to learn more about.

5. A membership or subscription to a product service. Like I mentioned previously, Google is your friend. For example, you can use Google to find different companies that offer subscription boxes for all types of interests, like outdoor lovers, foodies, travelers, beer or wine enthusiasts. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Lessons. Is there is a skill or craft he has been wanting to learn like music, photography, golf, cooking or art? Considering paying for some lessons.

7. Tickets. Get him tickets a sports game, perhaps season tickets. Maybe a Nascar or Comic-Con event. Does he have a favorite band or music artist? Get him concert tickets. Or how about tickets to a Broadway show, comedy show, festival, or wine tasting experience?

8. Keepsakes and personalized gifts. One of my favorite websites is You can personalize all types of gifts in a variety of categories for any occasion.   Or, create a keepsake made by the kids. I love gifts that have my kid’s handprints, it reminds me of how little they once were. It’s actually pretty easy to create clay handprints, you can find kits on Amazon, even I can do it. There are also tons of other DIY kids craft ideas on Pinterest you can find to create personalized gifts.

9. Gift cards. When all else fails give a gift card to one of his favorite retailers or restaurants, that way he can just choose what he wants. Although this type of gift can be considered a bit generic or impersonal it’s better than buying him something he doesn’t want or isn’t going to use.

If you were clueless or just needed a bit of guidance, hopefully these 9 tips give you some ideas you can work with when thinking about the next gift for the man in your life.

Is there something I left out, or do you have a gift giving tip to share? I’d love to hear it, share in the comments below.

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