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Many of us travel for our jobs, it can be hard for not only us but on everyone else in the family.  

I am one of the many moms who has to travel for work occasionally.  Luckily they are short trips and not too often.  My hat goes off to those moms who have to be away for weeks and months, I can imagine it’s hard on everybody.

Maybe you enjoy the break or perhaps you feel mom guilt when you travel for work.  Some of us worry and some of us feel confident things will be fine while we’re gone.  Or, you might have a combination of these feelings.

However you may feel about traveling for work, it can disrupt your family’s daily routine.  It takes some adjustment for everyone.

Whether you are a mom that enjoys traveling or not so much, there is still the responsibility to make sure everything is taken care of at home while you are gone. 

The most important thing for me while I am away is making sure that my children’s needs are taken care of while keeping some sort of normalcy and routine. 

Here are 7 tips to help make the process easier for everyone when you have to travel for work.

(1) Give your significant other some credit

My husband may not do things the same way that I would do them, he has his own way of doing things, which is ok.  Most importantly the kids are safe, fed and taken care of.

(2) Keep in touch

Call regularly to speak to the kids and see how they are doing and let them know you are ok.  Use FaceTime, Skype or something similar so you can all see each other. Send pics and videos of where you are and what you are doing. Text often to keep updated.

(3) Prepare your kids

If you can, give your kids advance notice as soon as possible prior to your trip.  Prepping them can help reduce anxiety.  Let them know what to expect and that it’s going to be ok. 

A couple of things I like to do is decide ahead of time what the kids are having for lunch while I’m gone and pick out their clothes for each day I’m gone, two less things they need to worry about. 

Do your kids ever “forget” their daily responsibilities?  Use a chore chart your kids can refer to, to make sure they keep up with their daily chores.  

(4) Prepare your significant other

Make a list of important information and to dos.  I make sure my husband is aware of timelines and routines.  For example, the best time to wake the kids up to make sure they are on time to school and don’t forget to check homework when he picks them up.  To help keep things on track, download this free printable

Use a calendar for important events and reminders during the week. I use a dry erase board magnet calendar that I keep on the fridge.  This way my husband is aware of upcoming events.  

(5) Get a good support system 

There is a saying “it takes a village to raise a child’, which I believe to be true.  Choose people that you trust, friends, grandparents, babysitter, significant other that can pick up some of the slack in your absence.  Make sure the kids know who will be doing what (for example who will be taking/picking them up from school or child care).  This free printable will help keep things running smoothly while you’re away.

(6) Have all your arrangements in order

Make sure all the logistics are worked out prior to your trip.  In addition, have a contingency plan in case of an emergency.  

(7) Prepare meals ahead of time

For those of you who meal prep, pre-make some of your kid’s favorite meals they can eat while you are gone.

If meal prepping isn’t your thing, give your significant other or caretaker some simple meal options your kids like.  I also like to have a variety of snack options readily available for the kids.

Knowing that my kids are fine while I am away takes away a lot of the stress and worry I used to feel when I first started traveling.  Do you have to travel for work?  What are some methods you use to keep your peace of mind when you travel?

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